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While the government of Mauritius is determined to do everything in its capacity it can to ensure that the country’s removal from European Union’s money laundering blacklist, the players in the financial services of Mauritius have chosen to strengthen their collaboration. The associations “Global Finance Mauritius” (“GFM”), founded in 2010 and the “Association of Trust and Management Companies” (“ATMC”), the representative body of the global business industry established in 1997, have merged to become a new entity operating as Mauritius Finance on Wednesday 10 February 2021.

This new entity wishes both to be a partner of the regulators and the Mauritian public authorities on strategic and technical issues but above all, to defend the interests of the Mauritian financial center on the domestic and international scene. “The goal is to take the industry to the next level. We want to attract more foreign investors to Mauritius, “said Mahesh Doorgakant, the new president of Mauritius Finance.

Mauritius Finance currently has 110 members including management companies, banks, accounting and law firms, the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, fund managers, institutional investors who hold operating licenses granted by the Financial Services Commission (regulatory authority created in 2001 and responsible for the regulation, supervision and inspection of the non-banking financial sector as well as Global Business). Mr. Assad Abdullatif currently serving on the board of Mauritius Finance, and ex-chairman of the ATMC has stated “I am absolutely delighted that we have been finally able to have one single association for the financial services sector. In those trying times it is important that we stand united as an industry and speak only with one strong voice”.